Blessed Peter of Luxembourg

detail from 'The Vision of Peter of Luxembourg' by the Master of the Avignon School, c.1450, 78 x 58 cm, Musée Calvet, Avignon, FranceAlso known as

  • Peter of Metz



Son of Guy of Luxembourg, count of Ligny, Belgium. Orphaned at age four. Raised in Paris, France. Canon at Notre Dame, Chartres, and Cambrai. Arch-deacon of Dreux, France. Held for a while in his early teens by the English as hostage for the return of his brother. Bishop of Metz, France in 1384 at age fourteen. Created cardinal of San Georgio, Velabro in 1386 at age sixteen by decree of anti-pope Clement VII, he used armed troops to take possession of his see, fighting against the forces of Pope Urban VI.

A noted reformer of his diocese, known for his personal austerity and penance, his prayer life, and genuine piety. He was driven from Metz and joined Clement in Avignon where he died, still in his teens. Thrown into the politics of the state and of the Church during a period of schism; Peter was wholly unequipped for it, being a child, and a simple one at that. He chose the wrong side in the dispute over the papacy, but was immediately recognized for his personal holiness.






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