Blessed Peter Igneus

detail of the painting 'Peter Igneus crossing the flames', by Marco Palmezzano, 15th century; Louvre Museum, Paris, France; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Peter Aldobrandini
  • Peter Mezzobarbo
  • Peter of Pavia
  • Peter of the Fire
  • Peter the Fire-Tried



Born to the Italian nobility. Vallombrosan Benedictine monk. Accused of simony, Peter under went a trial by fire – he had to walk through fire, and if he was innocent and God was on his side, he would emerge unharmed. Peter’s abbot and spiritual teacher, Saint John Gualbert administered the test; Peter survived, was exhonerated, and was know thereafter as Peter Igneus. Abbot of San Salvatore Abbey in Fucecchio, Italy. Cardinalbishop of Albano. Papal legate to Germany for Pope Saint Gregory VII in 1079. Papal envoy to France in 1084 to promulgate the order of excommunication against Henry IV.



  • 1089 of natural causes
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