Blessed Peter Gambacorta

detail of painting 'Urban VI approves the Rule of Blessed Peter Gambacorta', by Sebastiano Conca, 18th century; Museo nazionale di Palazzo Reale, Pisa, Italy; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Peter of Pisa



Son of a government official and brother of Blessed Clara Gambacorta. At age 25, after a mis-spent youth and life at court, he left the world to become a beggar and hermit on Montebello in Umbria, Italy. Converted a band of thieves and bandits not just to Christianity but to religious life; he founded the Hermits of Saint Jerome with them. They were an ascetic group, observing fasts several days a week and a Lent each season of they year; the group soon built a church with hermit cells around it where they were all known for their piety and Peter as a miracle worker.




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