Blessed Pedro María Ramírez Ramos

Blessed Pedro María Ramírez RamosMemorial


The son of Ramón Ramírez Flórez and Isabel Ramos, he was baptized at the age of one day. Feeling a call to the priesthood, Pedro began his studies on 4 October 1915 in the diocese of Garzón, Colombia, but in 1920 he began to have doubts about his vocation, and left the seminary. For the next few years he lived as a single man, worked as a choir director in several places, suffered from severe headaches, and never stopping his discernment of a vocation. By 1928, with the help of a pious female friend, Pedro decided that he was, indeed, called to the priesthood, and returned to his studies. Ordained a priest on 21 June 1930.

Parish priest in the Chaparral region, then in Cunday, Colombia in 1934, in El Fresno, Colombia in 1943, and then in Armero, Colombia in 1948. When the the Colombian civil war, known as La Violencia, broke out, his parishioners tried to smuggle him out of the area – the Socialist Colombian Liberal Party blamed Father Pedro for the killing of their leader, which triggered the conflict. Pedro refused to leave, saying that his parishioners would need him during the conflict. On the afternoon of 10 April 1948, some members of the Colombian Liberal Party broke into his church, found Father Pedro putting the finishing touches on his will, accused him of a number of offenses, dragged him to the town square, and murdered him. Martyr.



  • hanged and beaten with a machete at about 4:00pm on 10 April 1948 in the town square of Armero, Tolima, Colombia
  • his body was mutilated, left to hang for a while as a warning to others, then thrown in a ditch near the local cemetery
  • on 21 April 1948, government officials took the remains to perform an autopsy
  • in May 1948, Pedro’s parents were able to get the body released to them
  • buried in the family cemetery plot in La Plata, Huila, Colombia



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