Blessed Paolo Giustiniani

detail of a 17th century painting of Blessed Paolo Giustiniani, artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiMemorial


Born to the Venetian nobility, the son of Francesco Giustiniani and Paola Malipiero. Studied theology and philosophy at the University of Padua. Pilgrim to the Holy Lands in 1507 which left with a desire for the religious life. He joined the Camaldolese hermits in 1510 and became a travelling reformer, going from one hermitage to another to help them returned to proper Camaldolese discipline and teaching. Part of the general chapter of 1513 that helped unify and regularize the conventual and hermitic sections of the Camaldolese. Prior of the hermitage in Camaldoli, Italy from 1516 to 1520. Ordained a priest in 1518.

While serving as prior, Blessed Paolo obtained permission from Pope Leo X to found a order of hermits devoted to the original rule as written by Saint Romuald. He founded the Society of Saint Romuald, also known as the Camaldolese Hermits of Monte Corona or Montecoronesi in 1520. Founded the hermitage of Monte Cucco in 1521, and wrote the constitutions of the new Order in 1522. In 1524 the four existing hermitages held their first general chapter and chose Paolo as their Prior-General. Imprisoned briefly in Macerata, Italy and then in 1527 in Rome, Italy when the city was sacked by the mercenary Lutheran Lanzichenecchi; he was imprisoned and tortured with Saint Gaetano da Thiene but escaped.




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