Blessed Odoric of Pordenone

Blessed Odoric of PordenoneAlso known as

  • Odoric Mattiussi
  • Odoric Mattiuzzi
  • Oderic…
  • Oderik…
  • Odorico…
  • Odoryk…



Joined the Franciscans in 1300. Hermit. Priest. Preacher in northern Italy, drawing large crowds to his services. Missionary through the Near and Far East, preaching in Persia, China, Java, Ceylon, and Tibet from 1316 to 1330. First European to reach the capital of the Dalai-Lama. Known as a miracle worker in China. Died en route to Avignon, France to report his findings to the Pope. The written description of his travels were used as a manual for geographers of his day.


  • 1285 at Villanova, Friuli, Italy as Odoric Mattiussi



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