Blessed Nicholas Politi

detail of a statue of Blessed Nicholas Politi, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Nicolò Politi



Born to the nobility, an only child and born to aged parents. Received a good cultural and religious education. He was a pious child with a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and contemplation of the Passion of Christ, and was early drawn to a life consecrated to God. Wed at age 17 in an arranged marriage; the wedding was a crisis point in his discernment of a vocation, and he fled to become a lay monk with the Basilian monastery of Santa Maria Del Rogato. He retired to become a cave hermit on Mount Calanna, Arcaria, Sicily. He lived a life of severe asceticism, but returned to the monastery of Rogato every weekend to go to Confession and receive Communion.

Nicholas had a reputation as a miracle worker, and some incidents record his connection to the miraculous –

  • When the water used to wash him at birth was thrown out, a spring began gushing up from where it hit the ground.
  • Even as a newborn, he refused to nurse or eat on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, beginning a self-imposed fast his first week on earth.
  • As a boy, he could drive wolves away from the sheep by making the sign of the cross at them, and could heal both humans and sheep through prayer.
  • When he decided to flee his wedding, an angel appeared to help him sneak out; the angel would reappear to warn him whenever his family sent guards to bring him home.
  • When he was fleeing his parents to the cave that would become his home, he was fed along the way by an eagle, and obtained water by striking a rock with his staff.
  • The eagle sitting at the entrance would later let him know he had reached the correct cave.
  • During his flight from the wedding, Satan came to him in the form of a wealthy merchant, and tried to convince him to return to a worldly life and earthly pleasures; Nicholas prayed for strength, and Satan vanished.
  • An angel gave him a warning of his own impending death so that Nicholas could make his way to the monastery for his final Confession, final Communion, and a final evening of prayer with his Basilian brothers.




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