Blessed Mykola Tsehelskyi

Blessed Nicolao CehelskyjAlso known as

  • Mykola Cehelskyj
  • Nicholas Tsehelsky



Greek Catholic. Studied theology at the university of Lviv, Ukraine, graduating in 1923. Married with two sons and two daughters. Ordained on 5 April 1925. Parish priest at Soroka, Hrymailivsk deanery, where he built the church. Pastor of the Archeparchy of Lviv for the Ukrainians. Intimidated, then threatened, then beaten by Soviet authorities after World War II. Arrested for his faith on 28 October 1946; sentenced to ten years imprisonment on 27 January 1947, he was sentenced to ten years the forced labour camps in Mordovia, Russia. Died in prison, one of the Martyrs Killed Under Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe.





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