Blessed Mosè Tovini

Blessed Mose ToviniAlso known as

  • Moses Tovini



Eldest of eight children, the son of Eugenio, an accountant, and Domenica Malaguzzi, a teacher. Nephew and god-son of Blessed Giuseppe Tovini. Attended elementary school in Breno, Italy, and was a good student. Moved in with Blessed Giuseppe in Brescia, Italy at age nine to continue his studies. He made his First Communion on 14 November 1886. Went to school in Romano Lombardia, Italy in 1889. Mose began to feel a call to the priesthood, but his father opposed it, and he put off the training. Attended high school in Celana, Bergamo, Italy, but had trouble with city life, and was abused by his fellow students. He returned home, and this time his father agreed with Mose’s call to the priesthood. The boy moved back in with his uncle Giuseppe, and studied at the seminary in Brescia.

Upon finishing the minor seminary, during which his uncle had died, Mose took off from school and joined the army. His personal piety even impressed his fellow soldiers. He reached the rank of sergeant, was discharged on 31 October 1898, returned home, and resumed his studies for the priesthood. Ordained in Brescia on 9 June 1900 at age 22. Assigned as chaplain of Astrio, Italy. He was soon sent to Rome, Italy to continue his studies, and by 1904 had degrees in mathematics, philosophy, and theology. He returned home to Brescia, and in November 1904 began teaching at the seminary; he would continue in that job for the rest of his life, and was known for the orthodox Christianity of his lessons. Joined the new Congregation of Oblate Priests. Studied in Milan, Italy, and received a degree in dogmatic theology. He organized religious education for teachers, assisted in local parish work, and endlessly taught catechism.

Appointed parochial vicar at Provaglio d’Iseo in 1915. He received an exemption from the draft of World War I, and continued to teach. Vice-pastor of the parish of Torbole, Italy after its priest was drafted. Ministered fearlessly to the sick during the Spanish flu epidemic. After the war, he was assigned to help returning veterans resume their seminary studies. Appointed vice-prior of the Diocesan Commission of the Catechism in 1919. In 1922, he and Father Giuseppe Schena founded the Catholic Action Movement in Italy. Appointed canon of the Brescia cathedral and vice-official of the ecclesiastical tribunal in 1923. Director of the institute for Training Catechism Teachers in Brescia in 1926 where he helped prepare hundreds of catechists. Rector of the Brescia seminary in 1926, a post he held the rest of his life; his administration always emphasized devotion to the Eucharist, the Immaculate Virgin and the Pope as the great pillars of priestly vocation.





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