Blessed Miroslav Bulešic

Blessed Miroslav BulešicMemorial


Studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy, but recalled to Croatia at the start of World War II. Priest in the diocese of Porec i Pula, Croatia, ordained in April 1943. Assigned to Baderna, the scene of armed conflict between Communist and Fascist forces. Parish priest in Kanfanar in 1945. Secretary of the local priests’s association. Outspoken opponent of the abuses of local people by Communist forces. Martyr.






All hate crimes are an abomination against religion, but the circumstances of the murder of Father Miroslav Bulesic were particularly loathsome. Human wickedness was vented on a helpless priest, and the wolf tore the lamb apart. Hatred extinguished a human life, which is always precious but was twice as priceless this time as the life of a good man. – Cardinal Angelo Amato at the beatification celebration for Blessed Miroslav

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