Blessed Miguel Carvalho

Also known as

  • Michael Carvalho



Entered the Jesuits in 1597. Missionary to Goa, India. Priest. Taught theology for 15 years. Missionary to Japan. Arrested in July 1863 for spreading Christianity, he spent several months in prison before being killed. Martyr.





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I should feel the greatest sorrow if Our Lord, on account of my sins, should withdraw me from the path of mercy and grace now open before me. I am always a prey to the fear lest the Lord should desire to punish me and deprive me of the supreme blessing, of which His divine goodness no longer considers me deserving. Nothing in this life appears to me more desirable, more delightful, and more consoling than to give my life for so merciful a Saviour. Blessed Miguel, commenting on his sentence to martyrdom

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