Blessed Michal Giedroyc

Blessed Michal GiedroycAlso known as

  • Michael Giedroyc
  • Mykolas Giedraitis



Born the nobility, related to the princes of Lithuania, Michal suffered from a number of birth defects including being a dwarf and having the use of only one foot. Though his formal education was frequently interrupted and limited, he was an exceptional metal worker. Joined the Augustinian Canons Regular of the Penance of the Blessed Martyrs, an Order now extinct, in Kraków, Poland where he lived as a hermit in a cell next to an Augustinian monastery, and finished his education at the University of Kraków. Known for creating sacred vessels for Mass. Received a vision of Christ who told him, “Be patient until death, and you will receive the crown of life.” Known for the gifts of prophesy and miracles.




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