Blessed Meinwerk of Paderborn

Also known as

  • Meginwerk
  • Builder Bishop (nickname referring to the number of construction projects)



Son of Imad, Count of Tesiterbant and Radichen, he was born to the Immedinger nobility; related to the Saxon royal family. Studied in the German cities of Halberstadt and Hildesheim; schoolmate of Saint Bernward of Hildesheim. Priest. Canon at Halberstadt. Chaplain at the court of Otto III. Bishop of Paderborn, Germany, consecrated on 13 March 1009; he served for 27 years during which he was known for founding monasteries and other construction works. He divided the diocese into parishes, helped build many of the parish churches, and travelled throughout the region, insisting on adherence to discipline by priests and monks. He brought in teachers in agriculture, mathematics and the sciences to teach the laity in the cathedral school. Travelled to Rome, Italy for the coronation of Henry II.


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