Blessed Maurus of Pécs

detail of a statue of Blessed Maurus of Pannonhalma, date and artist unknown; Székesfehérvár, Hungary; photographed by Tony Bowden on 13 March 2011; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Maurus of Nitra
  • Maurus of Pannonhalma
  • Maurice…
  • Mauricio…
  • Mauro…
  • Mór…



Benedictine monk in his youth at the San Martin monastery in Pannonhalma, Hungary. Abbot his monastery from 1029 till 1036, having been chosen by Saint Stephen of Hungary. Friend of Saint Emeric of Hungary. Bishop of Pécs, Hungary in 1036, the second bishop of the diocese, and possibly the first bishop born in the kingdom of Hungary; he served for over 30 years. Finished construction of the cathedral in Pécs. Survived the pagan uprising during the reign of King Peter I, and helped celebrate the coronation of the Christian king Andrew I in 1046. Courtier to King Andrew. Helped found the Tihany Abbey in 1055. Peacemaker between warring political factions in Hungary. Wrote Legend of Saints Benedict and Andrew Zorard c.1064, making him the first Hungarian ecclesiastical writer and hagiographer.





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