Blessed Matthew of Agrigento

Blessed Matthew of AgrigentoAlso known as

  • Matthew Guimerà



Matthew was a Franciscan friar, joining the Order in 1391 at the convent of Saint Francis of Assisi in Agrigento, Italy; he made his profession in 1394. He studied theology in Bologna, Italy and Barcelona, Spain where he earned a degree and was ordained a priest in 1400. Travelling preacher in the region of Tarragona, Spain from 1400 to 1405. Master of novices at the Saint Anthony convent in Padua, Italy from 1405 to 1416. In 1417 he met and began to work with Saint Bernardine of Siena. Founded monasteries in Italy and Spain. Franciscan provincial vicar from 1425 to 1430. Commissioner General of Sicily from 1432 to 1440.

Chosen bishop of Agrigento by Pope Eugene IV on 17 September 1442. Bishop Matthew was a reformer, revitalizing the clergy, ending abuse, restoring clerical discipline, and prohibiting simony. This created many opponents in the clergy; when Matthew began distributing larger amount of charity to the poor, his enemies accused him of squandering the wealth of the Church, and when Vatican officials began investigating him, they included accusations of having an affair with a local woman. He was found innocent of all charges, but he decided that he could do more good for the faith outside the bishopric, and resigned his see in 1445 and returned to preaching, supporting monastic houses, and spreading devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus.


  • 1377 on the Via Arco di San Francesco di Paola in Rabbato, Agrigento, Italy



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