Blessed Mary of Oignies

detail of a painting of Blessed Mary of Oignies, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Marie d’Oignies



Born wealthy. From her early youth Mary felt called to the religious life, but she entered into an arranged marriage at age 14. She convinced her husband to live chastely, and to turn their home into a leper hospice. Mary gave away as much of her fortune to the poor as she could, and spent her days caring for lepers. She had a great devotion to Saint John the Evangelist, and a high regard for her contemporary, Christina the Astonishing. Later in life, she moved into a hermit‘s cell near the Augustinian house at Oignies, France and spent the rest of her life there, praying for souls in Purgatory, and giving advice to would-be spiritual students. Noted for visions, especially of Saint John and her guardian angel, ecstacies, prophecies, and psychic gifts; she ate no meat, dressed exclusively in white, may have been a stigmatist, and reported cut off pieces of her flesh to rid herself of desire for the world.





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