Blessed Mark Barkworth

Blessed Mark BarkworthAlso known as

  • George Barkworth
  • Mark Lambert



Described as a tall, burly man, always cheerful, even in the sufferings of his later life. Studied at Oxford University. Convert to Catholicism, joining the Church at Douai, France in 1594. Studied at English College, Rome, Italy starting on 16 December 1596, and then at the Royal College of Saint Alban in Valladolid, Spain. While on the road to Spain he had a vision; Saint Benedict of Nursia appeared to him and told he would die a Benedictine and a martyr. Ordained in 1599. Benedictine Oblate. He returned to England with Saint Thomas Garnet to minister to covert Catholics. He was arrested, spent several months in prison, and was finally condemned for the crime of being a priest. Martyred with Blessed Roger Filcock and Saint Anne Line, the first Benedictine to die after the suppression of their monasteries.






I am come here to die, being a Catholic, a priest, and a religious man, belonging to the Order of Saint Benedict; it was by this same order that England was converted. Blessed Mark, to the crowd gathered to watch his execution

Ah, sister, thou hast got the start of us, but we will follow thee as quickly as we may. Blessed Mark, speaking at his execution to Saint Anne Line who had just died

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