Blessed Marie of the Incarnation

detail of a stained glass window of Blessed Marie of the Incarnation; date and artist unknown; Saint-Maclou, Pontoise, France; photographed on 2 June 2011 by GFreihalter; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Barbara Aurillot
  • Barbara Avrillot
  • Barbe Acarie
  • Barbe Aurillot
  • Barbe Avrillot
  • Madame Acarie
  • Marie Acarie
  • Mary of the Incarnation



Daughter of a French government official named Nicholas Aurillot. Educated at her aunt’s convent at Longchamps. Though attracted to religious life, she married Pierre Acarie, an aristocrat and treasury official, at age 16. Mother of six, three of whom became Carmelites, and one a priest.

Peter supported the Catholic League against Henry IV. When Henry became king he seized the Acarie estates, impoverished the family, and exiled them from Paris, France. Barbara went to court over the matter, won, and reclaimed part of the family fortune.

She was devoted to the writings of Saint Teresa of Avila, and became active in charities. Her good works eventually won her the admiration and support of King Henry. Brought the Discalced Carmelites of Saint Teresa to France, founding five houses between 1604 and 1609.

Widowed at 47. Carmelite lay sister in 1613 at Amiens, France, taking the name Mary of the Incarnation. Spiritual student of Saint Francis de Sales. Known for receiving visions and ecstasies, and for supernatural gifts.






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