Blessed Mariano of Roccacasale

Blessed Mariano of RoccacasaleAlso known as

  • Cicchetti (childhood nickname; means “snack size” or “little bit”)
  • Domenico di Nicolantonio
  • Marianus



Born to a poor but pious farm family, he worked as a shepherd on Mount Morrone until the age of 23. Joined the Franciscans in 1802 at the convent of Saint Nicholas in Arischia, Italy as a lay brother; he served as cook, gardener, woodworker and alms beggar for 12 years. Friar Minor at the Franciscan convent in Bellegra, Italy, outside Rome, in 1815. There he served over 50 years as porter, dispensing charity and aid to pilgrims and the poor. Known for great devotion to Our Lady, for his devotion to Eucharistic Adoration, and his complete poverty and disregard of worldly concerns for himself. With little education but much time in prayer, he became a spritual advisor to many.



  • 31 May 1866 in Bellegra (a.k.a. Civitella), Rome, Italy of natural causes



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