Blessed Maria Troncatti

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Worked as a Red Cross nurse in an Italian military hospital during World War I. Nun in the Salesian Sisters. In 1922 she left Italy for Ecuador and spent the rest of her life working with the Shuar tribe in the Amazon forest.





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You tell me that you are always hoping to see me return to Italy. At my age it is impossible and not the fault of my Superiors. They have told me many times that they would let me come to see my family if I wanted to. I never accepted first because my place is here, but also because, when the day to leave arrived, the detachment from my parents, Superiors, country, language, from everything cost me dearly. When I boarded the boat, I said goodbye forever. We will see each other once again in Heaven. Blessed Maria on the eve of her 85th birthday writing to family in Italy

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