Blessed María López de Rivas Martínez

Blessed María López de Rivas MartínezAlso known as

  • María of Jesus



Born wealthy, but she gave it all up. Her father died when Maria was four years old, and she was raised by her paternal grandparents. Well educated. Joined the Carmelites at Toledo, Spain at age 17 and lived 63 years as a Carmelite nun. Stigmatist. Prioress. In 1600 she was unjustly accused of an offense by one of her sisters; she removed as prioress and isolated for 20 years. Close friend of Saint Teresa of Avila; Teresa trusted her so much that Maria was a test reader for The Interior Castle.





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Sisters, it s a great crime not to have trust in God. He is omnipotent! – Blessed Maria

If you have to go on living, it is because you have to live for others. As for taking rest, eternity awaits you. – Blessed Maria

In suffering love and in loving, suffer! – Blessed Maria

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