Blessed Maria Euthymia Üffing

Blessed Maria Euthymia ÜffingAlso known as

  • Emma Uffing
  • Maria Eutimia



One of eleven children of August Üffing and Maria Schmidt, Emma grew up in a pious family in a small town. At 18 months, she developed a form of rickets that stunted her growth and left her in poor health the rest of her life. Made her First Communion on 27 April 1924, and was Confirmed on 3 September 1924. Emma worked on her parentsfarm as a child, and by her early teens began to feel a call to religious life. She worked as an apprentice in house keeping management at the hospital in Hopsten, Germany, completing her studies in May 1933. Entered the Sister of the Congregation of Compassion (Klemensschwestern) on 23 July 1933, taking the name Euthymia; she made her simple vows on 11 October 1936, and her final profession on 15 September 1940. Assigned to work at Saint Vincent’s Hosptial in Dinslaken, Germany in October 1936. Graduated with distinction from the nursing program on 3 September 1939. Worked as nurse through World War II, and in 1943 she was assigned to nurse prisoners of war and foreign workers with infectious diseases. She worked tirelessly for her charges, caring for them, praying for them, and insuring they received the sacraments. After the war she was given supervision of the huge laundry rooms of the Dinslaken hospital, her order’s mother-house, and the Saint Raphael Clinic in Münster, Germany; what little spare time she had was spent in prayer before the Eucharist.





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Her life shows us that seemingly small things can be very important in God’s eyes. From the human viewpoint this sister was not a “star” in the limelight, but her silent work was a ray of light to many people that is still shining today. Pope John Paul II during the beatification recognition for Blessed Maria

Sister Euthymia’s life was a canticle of hope in the midst of the war. Father Emile Esche, one of Blessed Euthymia’s patients

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