Blessed Margaret of Louvain

Also known as

  • Marguerite la Fiere
  • Margaret la Fière
  • Margaret van Leuven
  • Margaret van Löwen
  • Margarita Lovania
  • Fiere Margriet
  • Margaretula, Margarita, Margaritha, Margriet, Margrit, Marguerite



Born to a poor family, in her late teens Margaret began working as a maid at the Sint Joris, an inn in Louvain, Belgium owned by her uncle Aubert. Aubert and his wife eventually sold the inn, each planning to enter religious life; Margaret planned to become a Cistercian nun. On their last night in the inn, thieves broke in and killed the erstwhile owners while Margaret was out. She came home as the killers were leaving, and she was murdered, too. Devotion developed after miracles occurred near her original grave site beside the river.



  • throat cut on 2 September 1225 at Louvain, Brabant, Belgium
  • body thrown into the river Deel by her killers
  • the body was recovered, and buried along the river bank; legend says that a large fish pushed the body up-stream and an angel hovered over the river, shining a light on the body until some one came to recover it
  • the body was later transferred to Saint Peter’s Church in Louvain
  • many miracles reported at her tomb



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