Blessed Luis Magaña Servín

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Lifelong layman in the archdiocese of Guadalajara. Active member of the Catholic Association of Mexican Youth. Member of the Archconfraternity of the Night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Association of tradesmen in his parish. He grew up helping his father in the family’s leather tannery, and was a baseball fan. Married to Elvira Camarena Méndez on 6 January 1926, they had a son named Gilberto.

On 9 February 1928, in the persecutions of the Mexican Revolution, troops were ordered to arrest Luis as a Cristero, that is, a Christian who fought against the government; his home town of Arandas was a hotbed of resistance. He was away when the soldiers came to his house, so the troops arrested his brother. When he learned of this, Luis turned himself in, his brother was freed, and Luis was immediately sentenced to death. Martyr.

Elvira was pregnant at the time, and their daughter, Maria Luisa, was born after the death of her father.






I have never been a rebellious Cristero as you believe, but if I am accused of being a Christian, then yes, I am, and if for this I have to be killed, welcome. Long live Christ the King and Saint Mary of Guadalupe! – Blessed Luis to the commanding officer when he surrended to the government troops

I want to tell you that from this moment I forgive you and I promise you that as soon as I am in the presence of God you will be the first for whom I will intercede. – Blessed Luis’ dying words to the soldiers who were about to shoot him

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