Blessed Luis Almécija Lázaro

Blessed Luis Almécija LázaroMemorial


Born to a pious farming family, Luis was baptized at the age of three days; his sister became a Poor Clare prioress, and two nephews were priests. Luis studied in seminaries in Almería and Granada, Spain, and was ordained a priest in the archdiocese of Granada on 18 May 1906. He served as a parish priest in several locations, and in 1911 was assigned to Alicún, Spain where there were only the ruins of a church and he had to start the parish from scratch. In 1913 he was sent to Huécija, Spain where he became a much-loved pastor for many years.

On 19 August 1936, he was seized by antiCatholic forces in the Spanish Civil War, and imprisoned in Alhama de Almería. His family paid a bribe to get him released, but Father Luis was seized again and imprisoned in Huécija. The guards offered to release him if he would spit on the cross that he carried; in response, he kissed the cross. Martyr.





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