Blessed Luigi Monza

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Born to a poor farming family. Entered seminary at age 18, and was ordained in the archdiocese of Milan, Italy on 19 September 1925. Assigned to a parish in Vedano Olona, Italy. Imprisoned for four months, having been falsley accused of planning an attack on a local Fascist official. Re-assigned to the Shrine of Our Lady of Miracles in Saronno, Italy in 1929 where he worked as a youth minister. Re-assigned to the parish of San Giovanni in Lecco, Italy in 1936 where he continued his work with youth and famillies. Known for his work with the poor, the sick, and the unjustly accused and persecuted. Founded the women’s Istituto Secolare delle Piccole Apostole della Carità (Secular Institute of the Little Apostles of Charity) in 1937. He and the women of the Institute spun off the “Our Family” Association to provided education and medical help for poor and disabled children. Both groups continue their good work today, and the Little Apostles have spread from Italy to Sudan, Brazil, Ecuador, China, Morocco, and Palestine. Father Luigi became the model of a parish priest, working as a spiritual guide for his parishioners, and through families for a return to the love of the faith and of each of other found in the original Christian communities.





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Christians, each one of you must become an artist of souls, and we must paint the beauty of Jesus not on canvas but in souls. And may the paint brush of the apostolate never fall from our hands. Blessed Luigi

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