Blessed Luigi Caburlotto

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Son of a Venetian gondolier. Parish priest in the archdiocese of Venice, Italy, ordained on 24 September 1842. Worked with children and teens who had been abandoned or were homeless. On 30 April 1850 he founded a school for poor and abandoned girls, and with two like-minded catechists, formed what would become the Figlie di San Giuseppe (Daughters of Saint Joseph). In 1857 he founded a home for poor girls, in 1859 a school complex for the poor, and later a free college. In 1869 he was assigned to re-organize and re-vitalize the Manin Institute, a trade and craft school for men. In 1881 he took over two more impoverished schools and managed to re-vitalize them and re-staff them with religious devoted to teaching. His health began to fail, and he was confined more and more to his home parish where he spent him non-management time conducting retreats for clergy and laity. His health continuing to fail, Father Luigi spent his final years out of the public eye, living much a like a prayerful hermit, keeping track of his beloved institutions, but unable to visit them The Daughters continue their good work today in Italy, Brazil, Kenya and the Philippines.





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