Blessed Louis Tezza

Blessed Louis TezzaAlso known as

  • Aloysius Tezza
  • Luigi Tezza
  • Apostle of Lima



The only son of Augustine Tezza, a physician, and Catherine Nedwiedt. His father died when Louis was nine, and his mother moved to Padova, Italy. Entered the Ministers of the Sick of Saint Camillus de Lellis (Camillians) on 8 December 1858 at age 17 at Verona, Italy; his mother then became a nun. Ordained on 21 May 1864.

Worked four years in the formation of new religious. Had a chance to become a missionary to Africa, but his superiors were against it, and transferred him to Rome, Italy as novice master. Transferred to France as novice master there in 1871. Provincial of the Order in France where he established facilities to support the spiritual and health needs of the sick. Expelled from France in 1880 during the suppression of religious institutions. Returned covertly, and united the scattered religious around the country. Procurator and Vicar General of the Camillians in 1891.

During a retreat in Rome in 1891, Louis met Blessed Josephine Vannini. They had each been drawn to forming a women‘s congregation in the spirit of Saint Camillus de Lellis. They prayed over the matter, and on 2 February 1892 they founded the Congregation of the Daughters of Saint Camillus. The Congregation received papal approval in 1931, and continues to grow.

Sent to Peru as Official Visitor in 1900 with the mission of reforming the Camillian community. The members there had been separated from the Order hierarchy for a century, and risked suppression. The job was intended to be a short one, but when it came time for Father Luigi to leave, the archbishop and nuncio asked him to stay; he remained in Lima his remaining twenty-three years. Reformed and re-established the Camillians, worked with the sick poor in hospitals, homes and prisons. Confessor and spiritual director to the archdiocesan seminary and several Congregations; counsellor to the nuncio and archbishop. Helped Teresa Candamo found a new Institute.





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He was sought after as a father and venerated as a saint: he is no longer with us but he continues to teach us from the tomb; his presence and comportment was angelic; his word was that that of a minister of the gospel; his heart a repository of noble affection; his mission was always salvific. He passed among us as a heavenly vision, ever good and humble, always charitable. Faith was the basis of all his work while goodness enveloped him like a mantle and tiara. – from a holy card distributed in Lima in memorium of Father Louis

God’s invitation to become saints is for all, not just a few. Sanctity therefore must be accessible to all. In what does it consist? In a lot of activity? No. In doing extraordinary things? No, this could not be for everybody and at all times. Therefore, sanctity consists in doing good, and in doing this good in whatever condition and place God has placed us. Nothing more, nothing outside of this. Blessed Louis

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