Blessed Limbania

detail of an antique Italian holy card of Blessed Limbania, date and artist unknownMemorial


Born to a wealthy and noble family who worked to arrange a proper marriage for her. However, from an early age, Limbania felt a call to religious life, and at age 12 she fled from her family, taking ship for Genoa, Italy. There she joined the Benedictine nuns of the Saint Thomas monastery and lived in a small compartment under the monastery kitchen instead of a regular cell. Known for a life of piety and penance, and for her care of the men and animals that lived and work along the dock side of Genoa.

A merchants‘ trail that lead from the docks into the interior of northern Italy led by the church where devotion to her began; the route was named for her, and she became a traditional patron those who travelled along it, drove carts and wagons there, etc. This led to her patronage of these groups in general.






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