Blessed Leonard of Cava

Also known as

  • Leonardo



Benedictine monk. Abbot of La Trinita de La Cava Abbey in 1232; he served for over 22 years. Known as a wise, gentle, peaceful man, an able administrator, and a leader smart enough to keep his house out of political fights of the day. Attended the Council of Lyon in 1245. He led by example, and his brother monks became known for their devotion to the Benedictine Rule. Accepted and cared for the relics of Saint Bartholomew the Apostle and the treasury of the diocese of Benevento, Italy when that area was overrun by invading Germans. When peace returned, he returned all the treasures entrusted to him; the diocese enshrined some of the relics of Saint Bartholomew to the permanent care of the abbey.



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