Blessed Laurentius Pak Chwi-deuk

Also known as

  • Lorenzo Pak Chwi-deuk



Layman convert to Christianity in the apostolic vicariate of Korea. Zealous about his new found faith, he learned the catechism, then returned to his home village to try to convert his family and neighbors. When the antiChristian Sinhae persecutions began in 1791, he protested the arrest of other Christians, and visited them in prison; for this, he was imprisoned for several weeks. When the antiChristian Jeongsa persecutions began in 1797, Lawrence was ordered arrested; he went into hiding, but when the persecutors arrested his father in his place, Lawrence surrendered. He was imprisoned for two years and repeatedly tortured; records indicate that, along with other forms of torture, he received over 400 beatings. When the authorities questioned him, he would simply explain points of Catholic doctrine no matter what they had asked him. They finally gave up trying to break him, and simply killed him instead. Martyr.





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