Blessed Laurence Humphrey

Also known as

  • Laurence Humphreys



Raised in a Protestant family, Laurence was known to be a studious and pious boy, spending his time with the Bible and other religious works. At the age of 18 he began arguing the faith with a local priest, Father Stanney – and soon wound up converting to Catholicism. He continued his studies, and spent his spare time visiting prisoners and the sick, teaching and catechizing.

In 1591, while delirious with a high fever and talking to himself, he called Queen Elizabeth I a heretic and a harlot. He was overheard by some local Protestants, and while still sick, Laurance was jailed in Winchester, England for treason. At trial he swore that he did not remember speaking ill of the queen, but would not call his accusers liars, admitted openly and proudly of being Catholic, and so was condemned for treason and executed. Martyr.






[H]e was beset by a rabblement of ministers, who asking him what he was, he answered, “A Catholic.” They replying further, “What is a Catholic?” he said, “He that believeth that which the Catholic Church teacheth and preacheth, according to the consent of all ancient and holy Fathers.” Hereupon the ministers forsook him. Acts of English Martyrs Hitherto Unpublished describing the visit of ministers to Blessed Laurence in prison

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