Blessed Lanfranc of Canterbury

detail of a statue of Archbishop Lanfranc, Canterbury CathedralMemorial


After a liberal education in England, he went to Normandy and entered the monastery at Bec, where he opened a famous school. An opponent of the doctrines of Berengarius, he succeeded in having the Catholic doctrine defined at the Lateran Council of 1059. He obtained the papal dispensation for the marriage of William, Duke of Normandy, to Matilda of Flanders, and after William’s invasion of England in 1066, Lanfranc was made Archbishop of Canterbury. He secured the primacy of the See of Canterbury over that of York, helped reform the Church in Scotland, and prevented many ruptures between the king and pope over the question of tithes. In the struggle over investitures, he consistently upheld the rights of the Church. Lanfranc probably advised the king to name William Rufus his successor, and he subsequently made constant efforts to check the evil deeds of the latter.



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