Blessed Ladislao Bukowinski

Blessed Ladislao BukowinskiAlso known as

  • Vladislav Bukovinskij
  • Wladyslaw Bukowinski



One of three children born to Jozef Tsypriyan Bukowinski and Vladislav Jadwiga Schipo del Campo, he was baptized at the age of four days. Naturalized Polish citizen. Studied law and theology at Jagiellonian University. Ordained a priest in the diocese of Krakow, Poland on 28 June 1931.

Vicar and catechist in Rabka from 1931 to 1935. Assistant pastor and catechist in Sucha-Beskidzka from 1935 to 1936. Assigned to Luck, Volhynia in 1936 where he worked with Polish immigrants and prisoners, both criminal and political; taught sociology and catechism at the major seminary; director of the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences; deputy editor of The Catholic Life. General Secretary of Catholic Action in the diocese in 1938. Appointed parish priest at the cathedral of Luck at the outbreak of World War II in September 1939. He was known as an intelligent, educated and pious man who remained calm and spiritual even in the face of the war.

Arrested by the NKVD (Communist secret police) on 22 August 1940, and sentenced to eight years of hard labour for the crime of being a priest in a Communist-controlled area, and for his out-spoken defense of religious freedom. He was sentenced to die when the NKVD started killing prisoners. He was released when the German army over-ran the area. He resumed his pastoral work which now included hiding Jewish children with Catholic families. He was arrested again by the NKVD on the night of 3 January 1945, languished in prison for over a year, then was sentenced to more hard labour in the mines of modern Karaganda, Kazakhstan. He spent his time in prison ministering to other prisoners.

He was released from the gulag in 1955 and ordered to remain in exile in Kazakhstan. He became a Soviet citizen in June 1955. Arrested in 1957 and sentenced to three more years in a labour camp for the crime of priesthood. Released in December 1961, he immediately resumed his work as parish priest and missionary in a Muslim land.





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