Blessed Ladislao Batthyány-Strattmann

Blessed Ladislao Batthyany-StrattmannAlso known as

  • Ladislaus Batthyány-Strattmann
  • László Batthyány-Strattmann



Born into an ancient noble Hungarian family, the sixth of ten brothers. His family moved to Austria when he was six years old, and his mother died when Ladislao was twelve. When of age he studied agriculture, chemistry, physics, philosophy, literature, music, and medicine at the University of Vienna, graduating with a medical degree in 1900. On 10 November 1898 he married Countess Maria Teresa Coreth, a pious woman, and the couple had thirteen children; the whole family attended Mass and prayed the Rosary every day.

In 1902 Ladislaus opened a private 25-bed hospital in Kittsee, Austria. He worked there as a general practitioner, and when he had sufficient staff, specialized as a surgeon and eye doctor. During World War I the flood of injured soldiers required him to expand the hospital to 120 beds.

In 1915 Ladislaus inherited the castle of Körmend, Hungary, and with it the family name Strattman and the title of Prince. In 1920 he moved his family to the castle, and turned one wing into a hospital specializing in eye diseases. Ladislaus’ skills led him to become an internationally known specialist in opthamology.

Dr Ladislaus never turned away a patient because they could not pay, and provided funds to the destitute. He treated all, kept them in hospital as long as necessary, gave away medications, accepted what patients would pay when they would, but never asked a fee from anyone except that they pray an Our Father for him. He prayed over each patient before working on them, knew that his skills were simply God working through his hands, and saw his family fortune as a way to help the poor. He was considered a saint in life by his family, his patients and fellow healers.





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When I grow up, I will be a doctor and give free treatment to the sick and the poor. Blessed Ladislao as a little boy

In fidelity and charity. Blessed Ladislao’s life motto

I am happy. I am suffering atrociously, but I love my sufferings and am consoled in knowing that I support them for Christ. Blessed Ladislao to his sister, discussing his terminal cancer

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