Blessed Khalil Al-Haddad

painting of Blessed Khalil Al-Haddad; date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Ya‘Qub of Ghazir
  • Yaaqub El-Haddad



Third of five children. Teacher in Egypt when he felt a call to religious life. Franciscan Capuchin monk, making his perpetual vows in 1898. Ordained in 1901, he was assigned to the Bab Idriss monastery in Beirut, Lebanon. Working tirelessly for the physical and moral improvement of the local people, he founded and built churches, schools, hospitals and orphanages. Founded the Franciscan Sisters of the Cross in 1930 to care for the elderly, the disabled, the mentally handicapped and the incurable who had been abandoned by families and authorities. Left 24 volumes of transcribed sermons given in Lebanon, Palestine, Iran and Syria.





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