Blessed Jutta of Disibodenberg

Also known as

  • Jutta of Spamheim
  • Jutta of Sponheim
  • Judith….



Born to the German nobility, the sister of Count Megenhard of Spanheim. On 1 November 1106 she took up life as a hermitess, living in a small house near the Disibodenberg Abbey of Saint Disibod in the Rhineland (in modern Germany). She taught local children for a living, including Saint Hildegard of Bingen much of whose great learning can be attributed to Jutta. Jutta gained a reputation for spirituality and devotion to God, and attracted many young female followers who grew into a Benedictine convent. Jutta served as their abbess from 1116 until her death 20 years later, at which point Saint Hildegard took over.


  • c.1084 in Spanheim, Rhineland-Palatinate (in modern Germany



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