Blessed Julian of Saint Augustine

detail from the painting 'Blessed Julian of Saint Augustine', artist unknown, in the Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville, KYAlso known as

  • Julian Martinet



Tailor‘s apprentice in youth. Briefly admitted to the Franciscan monastery at Medinaceli, Spain, but was dismissed as not suited for monastic life. Tailor at Santocraz, Spain. Briefly admitted as a lay brother to the Franciscan monastery of Our Lady of Salceda, but dismissed as mentally unstable, and not suited for monastic life. He then lived as a hermit; his reputation for holiness began to grow, and he returned to the monastery of Our Lady of Salceda. Accompanied Franciscan missionaries, ringing a bell in the streets to call people to services. Became a noted preacher in his own right, and known to his brothers for his austerities.




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