Blessed Juan Segura Rubira



The son of a school teacher, the nephew of a parish priest, Juan was baptized at the age of five days, and eventually followed the paths of both his elders. He graduated in 1899, and became a teacher for the next 20+ years. In 1921, at age 39, he finally followed a call to the priesthood, and after some studies was ordained a priest in the diocese of Almería, Spain on 10 June 1922. Director of the Ave María de la Dehesa de la Villa Schools in Madrid, Spain in 1923. During the Spanish Civil War, antiCatholic forces burned church schools, and killed priests on sight. Father Juan at first went into hiding, but realized that he was endangering the people who sheltered him, he tried to hide in the wild; it didn’t work, and he was quickly captured by the militia. Martyr.





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