Blessed Józef Zaplata

Blessed Józef ZaplataAlso known as

  • prisoner P22099



Born to a poor farm family, and never made it past elementary school. Served in the army. Joined the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1927, making his first profession on 8 September 1928 and his solemn vows on 10 March 1938 in Poznan, Poland. Served in the office of the archbishop of Poznan. Sacristan of the church of Saint Elizabeth in Lwów, Poland (modern Lviv, Ukraine). Arrested by the Gestapo, he was deported and imprisoned at the concentration camps of Mauthausen, then Gusen and finally Dachau. He contracted a fatal case of typhus when he volunteered to care for other prisoners who were suffering from the disease. Martyr.





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