Blessed Josep Tous Soler

Blessed Josep Tous SolerAlso known as

  • Józef Tous y Soler
  • Josep de Igualada



Joined the Franciscan Capuchins at age 15, and professed his vows on 19 February 1828. Josep was ordained on 24 May 1834 in Barcelona, Spain; two months later, amidst anti-clerical violence in Catalonia, he was exiled from Spain and spent the next nine years ministering in France. He was able to return to Spain in 1843, but the government had outlawed religious orders, and Father Josep spent the rest of his life as a parish priest; he tried always to live his Franciscan ideals. In 1850 he led a group of young women who, on 22 December 1858, would become the Capuchin Sisters of the Mother of the Divine Shepherd, a congregation devoted to pastoral care and teaching young children.





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