Blessed Josep Samsó y Elias

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Josep grew up in the town of Rubí in the area of Barcelona, Spain. He studied at the College of the Marist Brothers, the diocesan seminary of Barcelona, and then the Pontifical Institute of Tarragona, Spain. Ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Barcelona on 12 March 1910. Secretary to the Archbishop. Parish priest in Argentona, Spain on 13 July 1910, then the parish of Saint Joan de Mediona on 11 January 1917, and finally archpriest of the basilica of Santa Maria de Mataro in Barcelona on 1 September 1919 where he served also as treasurer. He was known as a zealous and enthusiastic priest, preaching and working for pious liturgy and active parishioners, helping Catholic Action get started in the area. He was greatly concerned to the catechism of children, and wrote a Guide for Catechists. On 28 July 1936 he was arrested in the persecutions of the Spanish Civil War for the offense of being a priest. He spent his weeks in jail leading rosary prayers, telling the lives of the saints, and otherwise ministering to other prisoners until his execution. Martyr.





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