Blessed John Duckett



Relative of Blessed James Duckett, possibly his grandson. Educated at Douai, France. Ordained in 1639. Studied at the College of Arras in Paris, France for three years. Ministered to covert Catholics in Durham, England from 1642. Arrested by Roundhead soldiers at Redgate Head (formerly Pickering Hill) near Wolsingham, England on 2 July 1644 while en route to baptize two children. Charged with with the crime of being a Catholic priest, he was martyred with Blessed Ralph Corby; the two were advised that a single reprieve had been obtained for them; they each refused it, insisting that the other be freed; neither was.


  • 1603 at Sedbergh parish, Underwinder, Yorkshire, England




Additional Information


Assuredly this man dies for a good cause. Blessed John’s jailers as they saw the way he dealt with his sentence

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