Blessed John del Bastone

detail from the Sri Lankan stamp issued in honour of the 125th anniversary of the only known church dedicated to Blessed JohnAlso known as

  • Giovanni Bonello Botegoni
  • John Bottegoni
  • John of the Staff
  • John of the Club



Born to a wealthy farm family, the youngest of five children of Bonello and Superla Botegoni. He was sent to study in Bologna, Italy. There he developed a sore on his leg that became so badly infected that he walked with a staff the rest of his life, leading to the name by which he is best known. Benedictine monk c.1230; he lived in a small cell and wore the cowl for 60 years. Spiritual student of Saint Silvester Gozzolini at Monte Fano, Italy. Ordained late in life, he was a sought after spiritual teacher, especially to his brother monks.




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