Blessed John de Montmirail

statue of Blessed John de Montmirail; date and artist unknown; church of Montmirail, Marne, France; photographed on 12 May 2014 by G Garitan; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Seigneur de Montmirail on the Marne
  • John de Monte Mirabili



French nobility, born to Andrew, Lord of Montmirail and Ferté-Gaucher, and Hildiarde d’Oisy. Trained in religion by his mother, and secular science by his schools. Soldier. Friend of Philip Augustus, later King of France. Married to Helvide de Dampierre, and father of several children. Spent time in the French court, leading a dissolute life.

At age 30 he met Jobert, Prior of Saint-Etienne de Montmirail, whose intervention and counsel caused his conversion. John built a hospital with special facilities for lepers, cared for the poor, practiced self-imposed austerities, and spent whole nights in prayer. He finally obtained his wife‘s permission to enter religious life; he provided for her and the children, gave the remainder of his wealth to the poor, and became a Cistercian monk at Longpoint abbey. There he gave himself so wholly to prayer and penance; had to be reprimanded for going to excess in his self-imposed austerities. Harassed and insulted by relatives and former friends.

Pope Leo XIII granted a special office in his honour for the diocese of Soissons.



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