Blessed John Cornelius

Blessed John CorneliusAlso known as

  • John Mohun



Born to Irish immigrant parents. Educated at Oxford, and a fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. Studied theology at Rheims, France, and at the English College in Rome, Italy beginning on 1 April 1580. Ordained in Rome in 1583. Returned to England as a missionary in Lanherne, often torn between his zeal to work with the faithful, and his love of the meditative life. Chaplain to Lady Arundell. Arrested at Chideock Castle on 24 April 1594 by the Sheriff of Dorsetshire with Blessed John Carey, Blessed Thomas Bosgrave, and Blessed Patrick Salmon who showed their support of the priest. Joined the Jesuits in 1594 while in prison. Tortured in London to obtain the names of people who had helped or sheltered him, but he told his tormenters nothing. Condemned for the high treason of being a Catholic priest on 2 July 1594. Martyr.





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