Blessed John Baptist Spagnuolo

book frontispiece illustration of Blessed John Baptist Spagnulo, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Baptista Mantuanus
  • Baptista Spagnoli
  • Baptista Spagnolo
  • Baptista Spagnuoli Mantuanus
  • Baptista Spanuoli Mantuanus
  • Baptistae Mantuani
  • Battista Spagnoli
  • Battista Spagnuoli
  • Giovanni Baptista Mantuanus
  • Johannes Baptista Mantuanus
  • Mantuan
  • Mantuanus
  • Mantuanus Baptista



Son of Peter Spagnoli, a Spanish nobleman assigned to the court in Mantua, Italy. Studied in Padua, Italy where a wild life put him briefly at the mercy of loan sharks, and got him thrown out of his father‘s house. Drifted through Venice, Italy. Experienced a conversion to the faith, and joined the Carmelite at age 16 at Ferrara, Italy. Elected vicar-general of his congregation six times. Prior-general of the Carmelites in 1513. Noted poet, writing over 55,000 lines of Latin verse; has been criticized for excessive use of pagan mythological images in his work, but was referred to as the Good old Mantuan by Shakespeare in Love’s Labour Lost. Eminent representative of Italian Christian Humanism.




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