Blessed Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer

detail of a painting on Blessed Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer, date unknown, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer zu Gleifheim
  • John Nepomuk von Tschiderer



Son of Joseph Joachim and Caterina de Giovanelli. Received his secondary education from the Franciscans. Moved with his family to Innsbruck, Austria in 1792 where he studied philosophy and theology at the university. Ordained on 27 July 1800.

Though he was not a Benedictine, Johann spent a life exemplifying their motto of “Prayer and Work.” He was priest to several Tirolean mountain parishes, a professor at the theological seminary of Trent, Italy and school dean in Sarentino and Merano. Recalled in 1827 to Trent as a member of the Chapter of Saint Vigilius’ Cathedral. Pro-Vicar General of the diocese. Auxiliary Bishop of Bressanone for Vorarlberg in 1832. Bishop in Innsbruck, Austria on 20 May 1832.

Johann never let his administrative duties overshadow his pastoral ones, and he spent much of his time preaching, writing, teaching as a catechist, reviving home missions, helping the poor and sick, conducting Mass, hearing confessions, and administering the sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Orders, sometimes to candidates from other dioceses whose bishops were not available. He supervised building and restoration of over 60 churches, maintained good relations with priests, providing for their ongoing formation, promoted Christian education of boys and girls by those in religious life, supported seminarians, insured seminary teachings were strictly orthodox, helped found an institute for the hearing and speech impaired, and managed to pray the Rosary each day.

He worked with, and provided funding for the care of victims of the cholera epidemics of 1836 and 1855, and in the war of 1859. He intervened to prevent the 20 March 1848 Uprising from becoming a blood-bath. He worked to overcome the obstacles between Church and State that were created by contemporary legislation. Late in life he planned a pilgrimage to Rome for the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, but illness and then death prevented it.





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