Blessed János Brenner

Blessed János BrennerAlso known as

  • Brother Anasztáz
  • Brother Anastasius
  • The Hungarian Tarcisius



As a child, János attended schools run by Cistercians until the schools were nationalized by the post-World War II communist government. He felt drawn to the Cistercians, and entered as a novice in Zirc, Hungary in 1950, taking the name Brother Anasztáz. But a few months later the communists began suppressing religious orders and houses, and Brother Anastasius had to continue his vocation from private residences, and then from the seminary where he studied for the priesthood; he continued his Cistercian training via correspondence. Cistercian friar. Ordained a priest in the diocese of Szombathely, Hungary in 1955. Noted for his youth mininstry, which drew the ire of the atheist government. His bishop offered to move him somewhere safer and out of the limelight, but Father János declined. On the night of 14 December 1957, Father Brenner received a request to give last rites to a sick person; it was a lie, meant to draw him out where he could be ambushed and murdered. Martyr.



  • stabbed 32 times during the night of 1415 December 1957 in a wooded area of Zsida, Szengotthárd, Vas, Hungary
  • when he was found in the morning, he was still holding the Eucharist from his sick call kit
  • the Chapel of the Good Pastor was built in 1989 on the spot where he died; it has the surplice he was wearing when he was murdered




There is no greater joy than when man who is nothing, can be even more annihilated in Christ and immerse himself into the infinite world of His soul filled with wonderful riches which are forever given over to us. Even if the road is rough, I look at your pain-ridden face and follow you. I ask you only one thing: May I always fulfill most precisely what you give to me as my vocation. Blessed János Brenner

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