Blessed Jan Adalbert Balicki

Blessed Jan Adalbert BalickiAlso known as

  • John Balicki
  • Giovanni Balicki



Born to a poor but pious family. Attended twelve years of school in Rzeszow, Poland with teachers who taught a love of Polish culture. Entered the seminary at Przemysl, Poland in September 1888. Ordained on 20 July 1892. Assistant pastor of Polna, Poland where he was noted as a gifted preacher and man of prayer. Studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University from 1893 to 1897, concentrating on Saint Thomas Aquinas, spending his evenings in prayer, his free time visiting the shrines of the saints. He came to believe that science could also lead a man to God.

Professor of dogmatic theology at the seminary in Przemysl in 1897. Prefect of studies for three years. Reluctant vice-rector of the seminary in 1927; rector in 1928. He considered the spiritual formation of priests his most important mission, studying reports carefully, and praying for help before presenting candidates to the bishop. Spiritual director of Blessed Ladislaus Findysz.

In 1934 his failing health forced him to resign from the seminary posts, but he lived at the seminary, hearing confessions and working as a favourite spiritual director to students. In 1939 when Przemysl was divided between the warring German and Soviet forces, Father Jan stayed in the Soviet sector, hoping to keep the seminary running; soon, however, he was forced to move from the seminary to the bishop‘s residence where he stayed even after the war. In his last years his health failed more and more as his tuberculosis spread. Jan was noted for his gentle discernment of the people who entered his confessional, and his devotion to prayer as a way to know the heart of God.

Father Jan wrote a study of mystical prayer that listed four degrees:

  • prayer of quiet
  • prayer of simple union
  • ecstatic union
  • perfect union

He gave a list of the seven steps for progress in the spiritual life

  • serious approach to life
  • readiness to be critical of self
  • unshakable confidence in prayer
  • joy of spirit
  • love for suffering
  • praise of divine mercy
  • continuous self amendment





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